IT’S always disappointing when you feel that someone you have held on a pedestal for a very long time lets you down and I think that is the case currently with Sir Craig Reedie and the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada).

There is a school of thought that if you come up through the system to a position of authority you will have empathy with those that in effect you are representing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the case in this situation.

Wada’s decision to allow Russian athletes back into the fold doesn’t seem to take into account the concerns of the majority of athletes from across the world. To them this feels like a massive slap in the face and this decision means that Russia will be free to test its own athletes again and also issue Therapeutic Use Exemption certificates.

Craig Reedie, for those who may not know, is from Stirling and was a badminton player in the 60s. After retiring, he took up several positions as a ‘sports administrator’ and is currently Wada president, a former chairman of the British Olympic Association and vice-president of, and a serving representative on, the International Olympic Committee. However, we have to ask, has he become distanced from those at the coal face, has he been locked in his ivory tower for too long that he doesn’t understand the mood in the camp?

The fall-out from this decision, I believe, has been monumental and it has taken a few casualties along the way. One high profile member of the committee, Beckie Scott, the Canadian Olympic gold medallist, resigned from the Wada compliance review committee after it recommended the Russian anti-doping agency’s reinstatement (although she remains the chair of Wada’s athlete committee) – and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

So what are we saying to our athletes, who can be called on at any time, night or day, to produce a sample for drug testing? This intrusion into their personal lives is welcomed by our athletes who want the world to know they are clean and want sport to be a clean and level playing field. Today they must be asking themselves: “What is the point?”